Tri-Pillar Infrastructure Fund IPO - Now CLOSED

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The Tri-Pillar Infrastructure Fund IPO is now CLOSED

18th November 2018


Tri-Pillar Infrastructure Fund - IPO Overview

Expected Timetable

  • Offer Open

    16th November 2017

  • Offer Closes:

    5th December 2017

  • Allocation announced:

    6th December 2017

  • Trading begins:

    8th December 2017

About Tri-Pillar Infrastructure Fund

The Company seeks to provide investors with a balance between long-term sustainable income and attractive capital growth from a diversified portfolio of Infrastructure investments. In addition to generating sustainable dividends, the Company aims to preserve and grow the capital value of its investment portfolio over the long term, with a correlation between the return to shareholders and UK inflation rates.

  • Differentiated investment focus
  • Access to pipeline
  • Access to investments in North America
  • Dividend yield combined with capital growth
  • Alignment of interests between Shareholders and the Investment Adviser
  • Track record of the Investment Adviser's team
  • Seeking £200 million at 100p per share

  • The Company is a newly formed company with no operating history and no revenues
  • There is no guarantee that appropriate assets will be available following Admission and it may take the Company longer than anticipated to invest the Net Issue Proceeds
  • The market value of investments may vary from time to time and affect returns
  • The Company may bear transaction costs associated with unsuccessful transactions
  • There may be interruptions to asset availability which affects revenues received
  • Demand for assets may be lower than anticipated

*Please note that these risks represent the judgement of Cornhill Capital, there may be additional risks represented in the prospectus

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